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Community & Belonging Educational Consulting

Equity, justice, and belonging––in partnership and in practice.

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Consulting & Coaching in Partnership

Finding ways to talk about and embed diversity, equity, belonging and justice into the work we do with little ones can seem challenging. How do I talk to my first grade students about racial inequity? How do I authentically acknowledge and celebrate a wide variety of holidays and observances in my classroom? How can I partner with parents in equity and justice work for my middle schoolers? I’m here to work in partnership with you to ensure our youngest children from early childhood to our young adults in high school receive an education that is just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive. And, I'm here to walk alongside you as a coach, mentor, and cheerleader in honing your craft as an effective, skillful, and powerful educator in the classroom.

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"Tianna is inspirational, engaging, warm, and kind. I learned so much in the safe space she created"

Faculty Member
Sabot at Stony Point School

"I truly enjoyed [Tianna's] perspective and hope for deeper discussion."

Faculty Member
Sabot at Stony Point School

Tianna is a dynamic and fabulous speaker/presenter. She is clear and upbeat, yet real!"

Faculty Member
Sabot at Stony Point School

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My Services

Student-centered. Professional. Flexible.

One-on-One Teacher Coaching, Group Sessions, & Curriculum Development Projects

Whether you're a first year teacher looking for mentoring and support in the classroom or an institution seeking school-wide consulting, I'm committed to working together with you or your team of educators to create powerful & sustainable educational environments. From teacher coaching to curriculum development & institution-wide consulting, I ensure my support of you is based on the foundational tenets of equity, justice, belonging, and research-based practices. Book a free introductory session today to learn more about how I can help you or your organization, educators, and students grow and thrive.

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DEIB Consulting & Presentations

Each school is different, so I believe in customizing the approaches to embedding equity, justice, diversity, and belonging into the work we do as educators for each organization. Whether its specific trainings you'd like to create for your faculty, institution-wide consulting, or professional development presentations, I've got something for everyone. Reach out now to learn more about how I can support you.

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